Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Last Hurrah

Sometime before starting Cycle #8, I decided it would be my last. (Well, maybe.) This time, I strongly lobbied for PBB given my bad luck with blast, but based on my progress during the cycle, embryology wanted to push to Day 5. I was terrified.

They retrieved 15 eggs, but to my complete dismay, only 9 were mature -- a repeat of last cycle. It was particularly disappointing because my estrogen was much higher this time and I was certain there would be more. With only 8 embryos, I was once again delegated to PBB, but instead of being relieved, I just viewed it as a mark of failure. I'm about 2.5 weeks into the wait and not expecting much.

And Then There Were None

I certainly hope the suspense hasn't killed anyone. When we last spoke, I had just finished IVF #7 and had discovered my 9 perfect embryos had (d)evolved into 3 poor-quality blasts, and I was waiting for CGH results. The outcome was unfortunate but I can't say unexpected; all three were abnormal.

2 weeks of shots, multiple emotional ups and downs (mostly downs) and about $20,000 including travel expenses. For nothing.