Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mutiny on the Ovary

My left ovary has staged an insurgence of sorts. I believe it’s disturbed about being forced to work overtime three months in a row. Today marks Day 10 of stims and I still have one, if not two, days left before trigger. But while I have 8-9 nice-sized follicles on my right side, there are only four on my left -- and that’s including the small one. This is not good at all as I’ve been depending on that left ovary to give me another record-breaking response. It certainly played a big role last month when I did exceptionally well after adding DHEA to my protocol. I had really hoped this cycle would bring an even better turnout since I’ve been on the juice longer, so to speak. But because my left ovary has chosen not to live up to its potential, I just can’t envision getting even close to 17 eggs this time.

For this reason, I think I might take a break in June rather than continue my frenetic back-to-backing. Looking at my calendar, my next cycle would kick off somewhere around June 9, so maybe I’ll sit that one out and start up again by the Fourth of July. (It just occurred to me that lately, the primary function of my datebook has been to help me continuously and obsessively count and recount my cycle days.)

On the positive side, I won’t have to worry about whether the upcoming twice-yearly lab closing will affect me and I can enjoy a glass (or two) of wine in the early summer evenings. More importantly, Dr. Schoolcraft has assured me that I am unlikely to go into menopause during the next 30 days. So for now (but, as always, subject to change), I think we have a plan. I will cycle again in July…and by August, maybe, just maybe, have my first transfer.